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Sweet Orange Shower Gel – 100ml

Bring the happiness out in your skin by using our Sweet Orange organic shower gel.


Sweet Orange is great for eliminating toxins from the body, nourishing dry and irritated skin. Our organic shower gel is made from pure castile soap which help boost your skin's pH level and gives it a nice glow. Sweet Orange is also great for lifting your spirits as it is one of the few that is a natural antidepressant, especially when using it in aromatherapy. Treating your skin to our organic shower gel will most definitely help lift your mood. It has a beautiful, soft, sweet, lingering scent. The shower gel also contains Jojoba oil, which is excellent for moisturising, acts as an antioxidant, and helps to control sebum production for less oily skin, and Vitamin E & Frankincense oil, which is beneficial for lightening scars and helping to heal wounds faster.
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