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Sweet Orange Body Soap – 115g

Brighten your day with a refreshing scent of Sweet Orange oil on your skin!


Bring some happiness and joy into your day with our natural and organic Sweet Orange body soap. It will improve your mood and bring warmth to your heart. The body soap contains Frankincense oil, which is great for skin rejuvenation and Pure Sweet Orange essential oils which has been proven to increase the production of collagen and improve blood flow (great for anti-aging!) as well as alleviate stress and depression. The body soap also contains Argon oil, which helps to reduce oiliness and help heal skin infections. The Vitamin E in the body soap acts as a moisturiser and helps to lighten scars. Our organic body soap has a lower pH than other soaps and is gentler on your skin. Our soaps are non-greasy, non-irritating. It is an antioxidant and helps to fight free radicals.
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