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Rose Oil Body Butter – 200g

Beautifully Fragrant Rose Oil Body Butter


Rose Oil has some pretty rad benefits. Some of these include reducing stress & anxiety, soothing menstrual cramps when massaged into the skin, and can also be good for the libido.... Who knew? We love using Rose oil in our products and have included it in our organic body butter, of course! The body butter contains Beeswax, helping to keep moisture locked in, keeping your skin hydrated. It also helps protect against the harsh sun and prevents photo-aging. For soft and smooth skin, try our Pure Rose essential oil body butter. Benefits of Unique's Organic Body Butter:
  1. Anti-Aging properties
  2. Moisturizes & Protects
  3. Tissue Cell Regeneration
  4. Anti-Fungal Properties
  5. Anti-inflammatory Properties
  6. Prevents photo-aging!
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