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Rose Body Soap – 115g

Treat your nerves to a soothing Rose Oil fragrance in our organic body soap.


If you struggle with anxiety, depression, migraines, or menstrual cramps, Rose oil is more often than not a great product to use to help reduce stress. It has a wonderful fragrance that calms your nerves and can even help you sleep better at night. Our body soap is natural and organic and is a great cleanser, unclogging those blocked pores. The benefis of using the Rose body soap is that it will give your skin a natural non-greasy boost. It has a lower pH than other soap, which is great because it's gentler on your skin. Other ingredients in the soap are Argon oil, which is great for repairing sun damage or treating acne, and Vitamin E, which helps with moisturising your skin and Frankincense oil which rejuvenates your skin. The organic body soap is non-greasy and non-irritating to the skin. It serves as an antioxidant an help to fight free radicals.
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