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Organic Shampoo For Blond Hair – 125ml

Organic Shampoo for Blond Hair!


If you have blonde hair you know the struggles of keeping a brilliant, healthy shine to your hair. Our silver shampoo is created to do just that! Rich in antioxidants this shampoo is perfect to use to help reduce hair breakage, ultimately leaving your hair feeling silky soft & smooth. A purple pigment is added that neutralizes warm tones in blonde/light hair. Your hair will no longer look brassy, keeping your blonde natural-looking or your platinum vibrant. Our organic shampoo does not include ammonia toners that damage your hair more. Other benefits of using Unique's Organic Shampoo for Blonde Hair is that it also helps to:
  • prevent premature graying
  • is great for using if you struggle with scalp irritations,
  • relieves dryness or dandruff
  • reduces inflammation,
  • promotes hair growth and reduces¬†hair loss,
  • seals moisture into the hair,
  • restores your scalps natural pH balance,
  • repairs dead skin cells and
  • prevents those pesky lice from nesting in your hair.
All this is achieved by using pure essential oils - Pure Tea-Tree essential oil and Pure Rosemary oil. They make a great team to keep your hair healthy and shining. Use on a regular basis and, for best results, use with our organic conditioner.
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