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Organic Shampoo – Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil – 125ml

Organic Shampoo for everyday use.


This shampoo normalizes oily and dry scalp by balancing the PH level and helps with hair growth. It strengthens your hair strands and promotes natural shine. This shampoo contains Pure Lavender essential oil, Pure lemon essential oil, Pure Clary Sage essential oil, Pure peppermint essential oil, & Pure Cedarwood essential oil. The Benefits of Unique's Shampoo for oily Hair and Scalp: 1. Normalizes the PH levels 2. Promotes hair growth 3. Prevent and kill head lice 4. Cleanse your scalp 5. Stimulate re-growth of dormant hair follicles 6. Strengthening hair strands 7. Give a natural shine to your hair 8. Moisturize your hair
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