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Organic Nappy Rash Cream – 50g

Organic baby shampoo for newborn babies.


Mothers always dread those burnt bums from teething cycles and no baby ever enjoys getting it treated. More often than not because chemicals are used in common products to clean and sanitise the affected area. Your baby will have a much better experience by using an organic nappy rash cream that will soothe the skin, keep it moisturised, and relieve pain. Our product absorbs toxins and has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm your baby's skin, reducing itching, irritation, and redness.
The organic cream contains essential oils that have been meticulously formulated to create the perfect ointment for baby's bums. We used Pure Tea Tree oil that is diluted and included in a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to remove the risk of burning their skin. It's used for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, insecticidal, and immunity-stimulant properties.  Also included is Pure Chamomile oil for adding the calmness to your baby's skin. It soothes itchiness and irritations, redness, and common skin conditions. The Pure Calendula oil used for this product also adds to soothing the affected skin and treats eczema and very often used for relieving diaper rash.
Adding to the scent of the cream, a water-based fragrance is used. Our organic nappy rash cream does not contain any harmful ingredients.
The nappy rash cream can be used for newborns but it's recommended use is for babies at 2 months and older. You may still use it on your newborn if you wish. A simple patch test can be done to make sure your baby receives it well.
We have a range of organic baby products. Be sure to include organic baby powder or organic baby shampoo to your collection.
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