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Organic Cuticle Cream – 10g

Organic Cuticle Cream with Tea Tree and Frankincense Oil


Treating fingernails and dry cuticles regularly can make a great impact on your skin. Especially for those who suffer from picking at the skin or biting their nails when they are nervous or anxious. It can be extremely unpleasant to walk around with a throbbing pain in your finger from pulling at the skin. Or what about chewing into your nailbed until there is nothing left because it keeps catching onto things - which irritates you? Luckily we have developed our organic cuticle cream to improve the strength of your brittle, damaged nails, and boost its growth. It also has the added benefit of targeting dry and cracked cuticles by adding a boost of moisture and increasing the circulation around your nails. We have incorporated a combination of essential oils which also helps keep nail diseases at bay. For this cream, we have included:
  • Pure Lemon oil which has high amounts of vitamins that strengthen brittle nails and help to soften the cuticles.
  • Pure Myrrh oil is great for preventing uneven or rigid nail growth and adds to the softening of the cuticles.
  • Pure Tea-Tree oil to help heal the skin with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and
  • Pure Frankincense oil to maintain healthy, rejuvenated skin, repairing damaged skin cells.
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