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Organic Conditioner – Honey & Coconut Milk – 125ml

Organic Conditioner with Honey & Coconut Milk.


Coconut milk has a lot of benefits for your hair. Using it as a conditioner will soften your hair. It is high in beneficial fat, and this makes it an efficient way to soften the hair for manageability. Its molecules are excellent at penetrating the hair shaft so you can be sure coconut milk will not just sit on the hair. It also strengthens because of its high protein content. The milk contains 5 grams of protein per cup, making it efficient for restructuring the hair shaft. The Essential oils we have included in the conditioner are:
  • Tea-Tree Essential Oil - to prevent excess oil production, relieve itchy scalps or dandruff, increase blood circulation in your scalp allowing nutrients to reach those hair follicles, and improves your hair growth cycle, leaving you with a beautiful head of strong, healthy hair.
  • Pure Rosemary essential oil - a life-saver when it comes to hair loss prevention. With the help of the Tea Tree oil's circulation improvements, the nutrients in Rosemary oil prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply. Your cell won't dry out and die off.
  • Natural Jojoba oil - rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and B Vitamins, copper and zinc, Jojoba oil nourishes your hair. It also helps to strengthen your hair by thickening it.
In short, the benefits of using Honey & Coconut Milk Organic Shampoo is because it helps boost hair follicles, promote hair growth, repair dear skin cells, cure an dprevents an itchy scalp, cures dandruff, prevents hair loss, prevents pre-mature graying, prevents lice from nest in your hair, but above all, provides soft, smooth hair with a healthy shine! Perfect for every day use, this organic shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin or those that struggle with scalp irritations.  
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