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Organic Baby Shampoo – 60ml

Organic baby shampoo for newborn babies.


Using organic baby shampoo means, there are no harsh chemicals, silicone or alcohol in the product - the type of products you wouldn't really wish to use on a baby's soft and tender skin. What it does mean is that the shampoo is specially formulated to include organic products such as vegetable oil and essential oil. Its pH balance is also lower than that of other common baby shampoos. The shampoo effectively cleans your baby's hair, removing germs and dirt. The organic shampoo leaves your baby's hair soft and shiny and strengthens it naturally. Pure Chamomile oil is used to bring calmness to your baby's skin and soothe any dryness, itchiness, and/or irritations it might have. A water-based fragrance is included to promote the soft scent of your baby's skin.
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