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Organic Baby Lotion – 125ml

Organic body lotion for babies.


If you're looking for an organic baby lotion that is an anti-allergic, non-greasy lotion, this will be the product for you. Formulated to keep your baby's skin healthy and soft by sealing in moisture. It is also great for treating skin that is dry and irritated, relieving itchiness, and inflammation. A natural water-based fragrance is used which leaves a soft aroma on your baby's skin. No harsh chemicals, silicone, mineral oils, or alcohol is used in the product. What is included are essential oils such as Pure Chamomile oil and Pure Jojoba oil.
We all know by now what benefits Chamomile oil has. Even the name triggers a calmness in you, which is exactly what it will do for your baby's skin. Not only will it calm their skin, but it will also act as an antibacterial contributor. The Jojoba oil is great for using on infants as it has so many different uses and qualities. It's moisturising, has antibacterial properties, is anti-allergic, helps to heal wounds faster, and is non-comedogenic which means it won't clog pores. It is also great for controlling the sebum production of the skin (natural oil production). Suitable for every day use.
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