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Anti-Aging Night Cream – Oily Skin – 50g

Organic Anti-Aging Night Cream with a combination of essential oils.

Suitable for oily skin types.


Our luxurious organic anti-aging day moisturizer regulates your skin's sebum production and improves your skin's elastic properties. The cream treats dryness, softens fine line, and repair damaged skin. It is made up of a wealth of essential oils. They have been combined to give you better organic skincare. The essential oils used are:
  • Pure Frankincense oil - "liquid gold", helps to fade scars and fight the signs of premature aging
  • Pure Sandalwood oil - helps to fight free radicals and target dark spots on your skin, or dark circles under your eyes
  • Pure Tea-Tree oil - effective reducer of scars caused by acne or psoriasis, effective in treating dry skin
  • Pure Geranium oil - has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pure Ylang - Ylang oil - used to stimulate oil production and the growth of new cells
  • Jojoba oil - used to help promote collagen synthesis, keeps your skin supple and targets fine wrinkles, and slows down the aging cycle.
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