Tea Tree Essential Oils & Natural Products

There aren’t that many essential oils the have a wide variety of qualities and functions, but Tea Tree oil is definitely one of them. From a fighting fungi to healing wounds, Tea Tree oil sure does cover a wide spectrum. We have included it in our products for that specific reason. Combined with carrier oils, our products are perfect to include in your daily routine for beautifully, healthy looking skin.


Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Pure Tea Tree oil can be used for many different reasons, but what we aimed for is caring for your skin. It helps to heal scraps and cuts quicker and has antibacterial properties. It treats inflamed skin and reduces itchiness and redness, also most commonly found in acne prone skin. For hair care, Tea Tree oil is great to help reduce dandruff, and calms itchiness, and improves on greasiness.
Lets’ also not forget about the antifungal properties of Tea Tree oil. Used to fight nail fungi and treat athlete’s foot.


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