Lavender Products

One of the most versatile essential oils there is!

Lavender Essential Oils & Organic Products

Pure Lavender essential oil is an extremely versatile component to use in any organic product. It has many great benefits which is why we have included it in our products.

Using essential oils directly on your skin is not a great idea. Many oils can burn your skin if it’s applied directly. Which is why we have included it into our product ranges instead.


Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is anti-inflammatory and heals irritated and sun-damaged skin. It reduces redness and blotches on your skin and lightens dark spots or treat discoloration. It can help treat acne or eczema and slows down the aging process. It may also even help cuts or scrapes heal faster.

We have combined Lavender Oil with many other products, so be sure to check what other oils your selected product includes!


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