Organic Hair Treatment

Ideal for split-ends and damaged, dull-looking hair

Have you ever wanted to opt for a short hairstyle because you cannot stand the way your long locks feels dry and unkept? You’ve tried everything you could think of to remedy it to no avail. But have you tried using organic hair products yet? Unique Natural has some great products to help you ease those bad hair days. Specially developed for blonde hair is our Silver/Purple shampoo and conditioner. It promotes a healthy shine and will put the life back in your hair.

For the rest there is also something special for you. The organic leave-in conditioner is made with Shea Butter which is the ideal ingredient to treat dried/split ends and overall hair damage. It’s really great for relieving itchiness in your scalp and reduces the risk of hair loss.


I want to know more about the organic hair products.

The majority of the essential oils are specific to the organic hair product range. They are not all included in the other ranges yet. The oils are specifically combined to produce the best results for healthy hair. 

  • Pure Jasmin oil – a favourite among leave-in conditioners as it hydrates and moisturises your hair and puts the bounce back in those beautiful curls!
  • Pure Lavender oil – helps to prevent itchiness and dandruff. 
  • Pure Neem oil – helps to calm the frizziness! It also seals the hair folicles.
  • Pure Argan oil – is great for protecting your hair against styling damage and sun damage.
  • Pure Rosemary oil – much like the Lavender oil, Rosemary oil also prevents dandruff but also – premature graying!
  • Natural Jojoba oil – a fantastic participant that helps to prevent dry hair, treating breakages and split-ends. 
  • Pure Tea-Tree oil – has antifungal properties and helps to prevent an overgrowth of yeast that causes dandruff. 
  • Pure Lavender oil – while most are preventing, this oil promotes hair growth!
  • Pure Lemon oil – great for sanitizing your scalp keeping it clean and adding shine to your hair. Especially great for those who suffer from acne scalps and oily hair.
  • Pure Clary Sage oil – gives your hair strength, making it harder to break!
  • Pure Peppermint oil – helps to relieve an itchy or dry scalp and adds some shine to your hair!
  • Pure Cedarwood oil – promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can contribute to treating scalp conditions.

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dōTERRA Essential Oils

This well known brand of essential oils are used in all of our products.

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