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Creating natural skincare products is a big passion of mine. And I want to share this passion with you.

Hi, I’m Bernadene Ellis-Nel. And welcome to my site.

I loved my Mother dearly, but her passing came too soon. It was hard, but fortunately for me, I have an Aunt who helped me through my grief, and made my load a little lighter. I love and appreciate her for that. Because of what she means to me, I always try to make her feel special in return. This is my way of thanking her for everything she has done for me, and continue to do.

In 2007 my Aunt was set to go on a beautiful cruise vacation with her husband. I desperately wanted her to take something special along to remember me by.

Something handmade definitely came to mind, something she could use every day, something that would tell her I was thinking of her. That I appreciated her.

Bernadine Ellis, Bernadine Ellis Nel

Gaining Knowledge

My Aunt loves foot treatments and decided to try my hand at making foot cream for her. This was my first encounter working with essential oils. I fell in love with it immediately after making my first product. The more I read, the more I learnt about all the wonderful benefits essential oils offers and wanted to learn more.

After gaining some more knowlegde through international courses, I soon started to add other products, for my own household, such as natural body products, bathing products, hair and facial products.

Over the years I had many people who had supported me and as a result, I started to create products for close family members and friends.

Unique Is Born

In 2016 I decided to turn my passion and hobby into a new adventure and challenge. A lot of my motivation to pursue this came from my very talented daughter, who shows great potential in gymnastics. And because she’s my daughter I want her to have access to everything she could possibly dream of.

Creating beautiful products like these makes it possible for me to do that for her. And the added benefit is knowing I am helping you have access to naturally organic products, which is great for your skin.

In return, you are helping me help my daughter achieve her dreams.

Little does she know, it is her passion that has motivated me to achieve MY dreams.

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